President’s Message

October 2019

As some members may have noticed, our General Membership Meeting is a month late, having
been originally scheduled for September. I must take full responsibility for the lack of notification
for this change. I hope there was no inconvenience to the membership.
The meeting on the 7th of October will give the members a chance to be updated on the November
elections being held for state wide legislative offices. Not only does this election have some national
senatorial positions up for re-election but also include every seat in the House of Representatives.
Which is more important? The state election will directly affect a union’s ability to negotiate for
it’s members. I have not seen one campaign that even mentions how close Virginia is to changing
the lives of all working people, including unionized labor. An informed public is essential to every
election and thus essential for the strongest form of a democratic republic.
The national election may hold the direction of the country for many years to come. Having lived
through the Watergate era, I am well aware of the vulnerable position in which recent events have
placed the country on the world stage. This is second only to elected officials who feel they have
been placed above the rule of law.
Your vote is always important, but never more than now!
See you Monday night,